for a healthy indoor climate

Ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an indispensable prerequisite for the operation of many buildings and are becoming increasingly important, especially in view of the corona pandemic. Decide now for high-quality products and practical solutions from WOLF.

Technical solutions from WOLF

WOLF SuperSeal

Powerful sealing system for hygienic use.

Hygiene solutions

Compliance with VDI 6022.


Reduction of mounting tolerances for high equipment hygiene.

Filter technology

State-of-the-art filter technology for high indoor air quality.

Air Humidification

Optimally controlled air humidity for a healthy room climate.

Heat recovery

Hygiene and sustainability combined in one technology.

The outside air is usually not considered to be contaminated with viruses and therefore does not require any additional treatment for use in occupied areas within the scope of VDI 6022.

In order to minimise the concentration of possible airborne viruses in the room air, the greatest possible dilution effect should be aimed for and, if possible, the systems should be operated with 100 percent fresh outside air.