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Market Incentive Programme (MAP)

The new Market Incentive Programme (MAP) aims to accelerate the uptake of renewable forms of energy in the heating market. This programme can also be used for commercial applications. The MAP subsidises private, commercial and municipal investments in heating systems or large heating plants that use renewable energy, and in heating networks that distribute heat generated by a renewable source. The programme primarily supports the installation of systems in existing buildings. With new construction projects, subsidies are only available for certain innovative types of system.

KfW subsidy

KfW programmes are financed through the CO2building renovation programme and the national "Energy Efficiency Incentive Programme". They promote the construction, manufacture or first-time purchase of KfW efficiency houses. When it comes to building renovations in particular, the Federal Ministry is able to provide increased funds for replacing especially inefficient heating systems and installing new ventilation systems. This includes individual energy saving measures or extensive renovation work to a KfW efficiency house.
The application, implementation and evidence of professional energy planning and construction supervision must be handled by an expert. The consultation costs for the expert are also subsidised.

BAFA subsidy programmes

The Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) subsidises your plans to use renewable energy. This includes solar thermal systems, heat pumps and biomass plants. Applications for the basic subsidy must be submitted within nine months of installing the system. Applications for the innovation subsidy, which includes all particularly innovative technologies, must be submitted before you start your project. Accumulating several KfW subsidy programmes is only permissible to a limited extent.

Thinking about the future
Observe general statutory requirements in energy regulations

Make an active contribution towards creating efficient and climate neutral buildings. Meet the requirements stipulated in energy legislation and make your contribution towards protecting the environment.

Programmes such as the Ecodesign Directive or the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are key aspects of the German economy. Together, they help create climate neutral buildings and set higher energy standards for German households. This results in environmentally responsible building design, improved energy efficiency and the general environmental compatibility of products that are installed.

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